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I have always loved sharing knowledge.  I have been a trainer of one sort or another since I was 19 and I still love it.  I run many courses, and workshops varying from a few hours to my 2 year Healing & Vibrational Medicine Course (Download Syllabus), covering many energy medicine and spiritual topics.  My subject matter is ever developing and changing so the content of all my courses change frequently.

As a result many people tend to re attend as further information is added. You can choose from the intimate numbers of people who attend the courses I run from the Natural Harmony Centre for a very personal, hands on, learning experience, to larger forums and numbers held elsewhere, like the "Cosmic Awakening" series and the "Enchanted Lands" Series.  All of my courses have a very practical sense to them, as I believe we need as many tools as possible to navigate our world through ease, love and laughter, enjoying the benefit this world has to offer.  I look forward to meeting with you soon.

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Soul Healings

Healing is a stranger to no one. Every time we listen compassionately to a friend in need, or hold and hug someone, or comfort ourselves and others, we are healing.  These days, after working with many modalities, I offer 'soul healings', which can cover many areas.  

Healings with Carol Cumber -

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Soul Readings with Carol Cumber - CarolCumber.comSoul Readings

Soul Readings are different and fun.  This isn't really about what the future holds or timing of a relationship or job.  This reading is about looking at where your soul resides across many dimensions including this one here on planet Earth.

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Space Clearing with Carol Cumber -

Sacred Space Clearing

 Are you the person who, when you walk into a building, can sense the atmosphere? When you arrive at a place it has a certain feel to it.  Then you are sensitive to energies. Many of us are.  Some more than others.

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